Ekow can be found in the DJ booth at the hottest and most exclusive nightclubs in Dallas and at elite events nationwide. 

If your event requires an experienced dj who knows how to take an event to the next level, Ekow is that dj.

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L I S T E N  T O  T H E  E K O W 

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With over 10 years in event experience, DJ Ekow can set up your event from the production, sound, set up, to crafting a guest list with ease. As a second generation DJ, he learned from his father well who had him setting up speakers and learning how to mix music at a tender age. In high school, he started out doing house parties,. Years later, he's earned a name as one of the top DJ’s for the city of Dallas. There hasn’t been too many platinum record selling artists that he hasn’t opened for. Ekow owns his own production company and has several residences in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, while still rocking festivals every chance he gets. If you heard him once, you’ll want to hear him again & again & again & again. That’s why he’s DJ Ekow.